Let the right one in

  • The Theatre, England, 2020
  • Regi: Bryony Shanahan
  • Manus: Jack Thorne
  • Skådespelare i urval:

'They say he killed them like pigs. Hung them up and watched the blood drain. I’m not lying. Like a pig'

Lonely at home and viciously bullied at school, Oskar retreats into solitude with only his Rubik's cube and imagination to keep him company. But then Eli moves in next door. Oblivious to cold weather, she never seems to eat, and some days she looks strangely old. Hanging out on the jungle gym, and practising Morse code through the walls, the two teenagers forge an unlikely friendship. When a butchered body is found in a nearby forest and the truth about Eli slowly unfolds, their bond is stretched to breaking point.

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